Bethan Laker Illustrator

'I'm Fondue You, Cheese Joke' 100% Cotton Tea Towel

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"I'm Fondue You" is a beautifully drawn and collaged tea towel perfect for all those cheese lovers in your life. Cheesy jokes for Cheese lovers. Brighten up your kitchen and practice your cheesy joke delivery! Beautiful, colourful, funny and useful. Every kitchen needs more cheesy fun!? The cheesy jokes and bright orange colours are bound to make you smile and brighten up any kitchen....A great gift for the Foodies in your life or for anybody who could do with something to laugh about ....lets face it that's all of us at the minute!

Printed in the U.K. on 100% cotton and washable at 30 degrees. Size 72 x 47cm Hemmed on all 4 sides with hanging loop and care label sewn in.

Posted in recyclable and compostable packaging Drawn, collaged, designed by me, Bethan Laker from my studio in Newcastle Upon Tyne..... lets face it, whilst I was probably eating some cheese! The paper belly band wrapper reads "I'm Fondue You ...and your cheesy jokes Everyone needs a cheese joke tea towel in their life. Beautiful. Colourful, funny and useful...Gouda for everyone!

Tea towels don’t have to be boring. Choose beautiful AND useful.