Bethan Laker Illustration Workshops

I make work in collaboration with community groups. I help people doodle, draw, print and collage interesting, personal artworks for their environment and for printed projects and enjoy helping them solve problems through design.

Over the last 15 years I’ve enjoyed working with many communities throughout the North East in numerous settings and locations.   Each project and outcome is unique and I spend time listening and developing ideas, whether the group wants to create, an exhibition, mural or product.  Smaller groups can also come and work in the studio to experience what it’s like to be a self employed creative, for a day.   

Illustration workshops Bethan Laker

“West Jesmond Art Ambassadors had an amazing time working collaboratively on a giant mural with Bethan. The children really enjoyed participating with her in workshops in school, where Bethan helped them develop their initial ideas, and taught them new techniques.   They loved the way Bethan took their actual hand drawn images and reproduced them digitally in the finished artwork.”

Illustration workshops Bethan Laker

“I was really impressed with the way Bethan let the children take ownership of the project, and made sure everyone was involved in the design process- drawing on the differing artistic strengths of the children.” 

Get in touch if you are interested in discussing workshop ideas.