October 2021

I can't quite believe its been a year since I updated this blog. I think for me, like the rest of the planet, there's been an element of survival and any 'extras' have fallen by the way side. Changing my business round to do a lot more selling and a lot fewer workshops, keeping calm and keeping kids happy through many isolations. Most of the women I know have really felt the weight of the pandemic on their work load and in many respects their sanity. I'm trying to be a lot kinder to myself about things I feel I 'should' do.   it's such a terrible word.  heres to 'joy' and 'play' instead.

 I will try and blog a little more about what I'm doing in the studio... not because I 'should,' but because writing helps me structure my thoughts.

I live in a built up area with a lot of brick. I love it, but there's something about coming to a studio with 2 windows, lots of sky and the trees by the river that feels very open.... even if there's some barbed wire too!  its a great spot for running. we cant chat in the kitchen much because its so small, so I do like a run out some lunchtimes instead....or a plod at least.

I've been getting more cards printed because I love these penguin ones so much. there's something so "homey' about having the hometown in a warm mug to hold in your hands.  I love the pengugin classics and theyre so fun to draw in my wonky style with the happy wee penguin.